Building a Carport or Pergola photo

Building a Carport or Pergola

When deciding to Build a Car port or pergola, the main goal is that we are trying to protect our assets, whether that be our vehicles, equipment, outdoor furniture or even ourselves from the elements. Whichever it is, if done right, the addition will provide added value to your home as well as your lifestyle. Carports can provide protection for vehicles, boats, and other pieces of equipment by keeping them under cover. A carport will protect your possessions not only from storm and environmental damage but also from theft and vandalism. Many homeowners are choosing to erect a pergola in their backyards because they are highly effective in providing shade over walkways, entertainment or relaxation areas. There are a great many options available so there are a number of things you will want to consider when getting started.


Carports and Pergolas come in all shapes and sizes to suit all kinds of budgets. Once you have established what kind of money you can invest, a decision can be made on the design, materials and size that you would have. If you are wanting some decorative aspects, electrical additions and other features, you will need to take those into consideration as well. Have a clear budget set out and make sure it is realistic. It may cost more than you think and you will want it done properly the first time round.


When planning the best position for your carport or pergola, you may have only one option or you may be considering a few. It is important to think about the purpose of use for your sheltered area whether it will be for a vehicle, for outdoor living or entertaining or for both. You will want to consider the accessibility of the area the space that you have to use. There is the option to build a structure that is freestanding separate to the home or to have something that is attached. It is important to consider the aesthetic value, as well as any limitations that you may have when it comes to what will be permissible by council. In most cases, you will find that your design will be either an exempt or complying development. You will need to determine the size of your structure and make sure it will be suitable for your needs.


Depending on where exactly you live, the council requirements may differ. If you are replacing a carport or pergola, it is best to check that approval has already been sought for the existing structure. Not every structure requires approval but checking certainly will not hurt. If you do require council approval, you will want to factor this into your budget as well. You can check out the rules for exempt or complying developments by clicking HERE.


Once you have a defined budget and a design for the carport, the choice of materials is the next step. Our specialists at Auscape Exterior Transformations can help provide you the right options to suit your budget and the style you are trying to achieve. Carports and Pergolas can be made with steel or wood frames with the more popular roofing options being either colourbond, aluminium or even clear polycarbonate sheets to allow sunlight through. You may want to add decorative features to make your area stand out or fit in with the style of your home. You may choose to paint, hang privacy shades or rain shades, undertake millwork on the posts, include built-in seating or lighting.

At Auscape Exterior Transformations we have the right people to help guide you through this process and expert builders of patios, pergolas, carports and all your home transformation needs. For more information, get in touch with us today.