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Closing in on nearly two decades of experience, Auscape Exterior Transformations has developed on a strong foundation created by team of highly qualified trade experts. Due to our wide range of skills and qualifications, we have been able to advance through many different types of projects large and small both in residential and commercial areas.

Though we are skilled and capable enough to take on any kind of building, renovation or extension project, our specialty has always been the work of transforming the homes exterior. We have a great understanding of the type of environmental conditions that our homes face in the costal areas of NSW. We have worked with many types of terrain from sandy waterfronts to rocky slopes achieving the goals our clients desired. We strive to keep updated with the latest innovations when it comes to materials and products to ensure that we can offer our clients a wide range of options enhancing the value of their homes and their lifestyle. Whether we are re-creating gardens, landscapes, buildings, fencing decks, patios, pools and/or spas, we can take a project from beginning to end while you sit back and enjoy the transformation. We provide a holistic approach to every project making sure each new component not only works with the other, but that it all fits in with the currents surroundings adding to its charm and value.

It is an acquired skill to be able to assess the quality and longevity of older homes and a much welcomed challenge to bring it to life taking it into the future. At Auscape Exterior Transformations, we can provide you with sound information and advice on how to recreate your home and gardens, executing any type of transformation while still maintaining the integrity of the building and its surroundings. All you need is to bring to us your vision, and we can take care of the rest.


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