About Glenn Leet building and trades business coach

Don Sutherland

With nearly two decades working professionally in the building industry, Don had actually started his career at a very young age growing up on job sites alongside his carpenter father.

One of the features that makes Don so adept at working and managing all trades on site is his breadth of training and experience, which includes completing a trade as a Marine Technician and then moving onto solid wet wall plastering. Don has extensive hands on trade experience in carpentry, concreting, painting and external finishes.

Don believes it's not enough to be skilled at what you do. To pull off a project to its highest potential one must have an emotional buy in. For Don, he is passionate about the creativity involved. Creating modern design, beautiful shapes, Don's clients area regularly amazed to see what his team can achieve.

"There is a challenging and exciting evolution throughout the project as we take a property that may at first appear to be an ordinary un-fixable house, and transform it into a beautiful home of great value."           - Don Sutherland



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