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Choosing a Skylight

In Australia, the skylight trend is making a comeback with tons of new options making them more versatile than ever. Installation, technology, and new types of skylights options are being introduced to the market making it more affordable and versatile. Renovating your house and increasing the value with an abundance of natural light has never been easier. Choosing a skylight remains a personal preference from the homeowner’s perspective. The major reasons why homeowners want a skylight installed in the home renovation process is for natural light and ventilation from above. The benefits include making the home more energy efficient, improving privacy, increasing cross-ventilation, and the positive impact on mood and general health that natural light provides.

Auscape Exterior Transformations partners with Velux, the leading manufacturer of skylights in Australia to give your house an upgrade and a luxury aesthetic with myriad of benefits. There are several types of skylights which can be installed to suit your needs. Choosing the right product can be daunting but here are some examples of what you can do and what is on offer.

Since proper ventilation is crucial in the bathroom, upgrading by installing a skylight is a great option as it provides privacy without compromising natural light and allowing the steam to exit. Mould formation is usual without proper ventilation, especially, in a moist dark space. The placement of the skylight plays the key role in improving the quality and care of your bathroom. A good option is installing a Velux Pitched Roof or Flat Roof Skylight however, all bathrooms are built different, and skylights must be installed after carefully considering the placement and the type. The placement of the skylight will also determine which model of the skylight will suit the best. For example, if the skylight is placed on the ceiling of the bathroom which makes it hard to reach, Electric or Solar Skylight will be the best option which comes with the added benefit of a remote controller and rain detecting sensors. Whether you choose to go with Solar or Electric will be a matter of preference but also greatly depend on how much sun actually hits that part of the roof you will plan to install on. On the other hand, if the placement of the skylight is easy to reach, the Manual Skylight can be an economical option.

A kitchen space benefits immensely from having natural light as a lot of care and function with food preparation and cooking occurs here as well as most of day-to-day family activity. A great solution could be installing either electric or solar options both of which comes with pre-installed rain sensors that automatically close the window when rain is detected, giving peace of mind all day whether you are home or out. It remains crucial for us to inspect your home to ensure you are choosing the right skylight for your purpose. Velux Blinds can also be considered if you want the additional benefit of full blackout of the sun. Velux manufactures blinds to fit your need; the variety includes Velux Honeycomb Blinds which are stylish and modern and provide protection from heat and glare. Their range of blinds also include Complete Blockout blinds for the hottest days and Solar Powered blinds which are powered by radio frequency wall mounted keypad.

Skylight installation is not only for the indoors, a Patio Ceiling is a great place to install Skylights enhancing the grandeur of the design elevating the luxurious aesthetic of the house and increasing the value of the home. A Velux Fixed Skylight can be a great option to feel closer to the nature and get abundance of sunlight. Since alfresco skylights main purpose is to get natural light, fixed skylight can be a price friendly option.

If you are looking to renovate and brighten up the limited spaces like ensuites, home office or powder room where skylights are not practical, a good option can be installing a Velux Sun Tunnel. This would also be a more budget conscious choice and they require minimal maintenance. The installation is quick and easy with minimal obstruction and the shaft is highly reflective to achieve maximum light output.

The wide range of skylights means there is almost always something to fit your needs. If you are not sure about what suits your needs and want some more tips on choosing the perfect skylight to upgrade your house? Get in touch with us to kick off the process.