Trending Colours of 2022 photo

Trending Colours of 2022

If you are looking to renovate, extend or freshen up your home then exploring colours are probably high up on your list this year. Our Friends, the Colour Professionals over at Dulux have identified the shift in trend coming into 2022 towards some more bold colours that provide a living space with a load of warmth and individuality. Check out their three new palettes for 2022.




This amazing combination of sensual soft tones alongside warmer neutrals comes together to create a style that can accentuate features of your décor adding dimension to your space. When looking at creating an inviting space in your home, adding warmth in colour promotes the feeling of comfort and ease which seems to be much desired in these trying times as the world has adjusted to a new type of normal.

The combination of rich deep hues like ‘Deep Leather’ and soft earthy tones like ‘Bongo Drum’ can help created a layered effect of colour adding dimension to the home. Darker hues like ‘Dark Door’ combined with bright splashes of colour like ‘Red Terra’ will provide a room with a rich sophisticated feel.

This great combination of colours can be accentuated with the use of textured and used to showcase those things that you love the most. Whether to showcase a beautiful Turkish rug, to accentuate a unique velvet couch or to bring out the inner you, this style combination can make for amazing things.





Like the Flourish Palette, Restore is going for the same goals when it comes to promoting comfort. The tones used are cool and calm with great connection to the natural environment bringing a feeling of outdoors inside. This year Green is going to be big With Hues like ‘Natural Flora’ in the spotlight.

The combination of fresh bright tones like ‘Rice Crop’ paired with rich deep shades like ‘Finnegan’ sets the scene of tranquillity.


Natural greens and earthy colours help the mind focus on mental wellbeing and the feeling of being grounded. It’s the perfect palette for those lovers of all things organic.

 These monochromatic colours help create a relaxing environment that pairs well with décor and feature pieces made of natural fibres and colours like raw timber, unstructured linen, and textured stone.




The first word that comes to mind when looking at this combination of colours is Joy. This playful collection is both bright and exciting without being too overbearing. It is the perfect palette for those looking for liveliness in their homes with fresh light tones like ‘Pax’ and vibrant hues like ‘Edvard’ to bring in those bits and pieces of wonder and inspiration.    

The pairing of these hues can help combine the old with the new when it comes to décor with the use of sleek tones like ‘Vivid White’ and fun vibrant fresh tones like ‘Pink Papaya’ and ‘Celery Green’. Using different patterns and textures in your décor will only add to the joy of this scheme.

This mood boosting palette can help to create a wonderous vibe that is not limited to a child’s bedroom. Combining these hues with different textures like vintage décor and sleek features can work beautifully in any living space and create an inviting and joyous environment.

This article was inspired by the Dulux Colour Forecast of 2022 with content and images sourced from their website. You can visit Dulux at to delve deeper into these Palettes and gather more inspiration.

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