Welcoming in the New Year photo

Welcoming in the New Year

I think all of us have experienced the bumpy start to 2022. Nevertheless, in the true aussie spirit, we continue to persevere. From an intensely busy 2021 we are diving into 2022 working back-to-back with our current and new projects. We are fortunate and grateful for our strong and hard working team and all the effort they have put into all our projects in the previous year and their eagerness going forward into the new year.   

We do know that a lot of people who reach out to us are in the same boat struggling to get tradespeople out to provide them advice or a quote for their projects. We do appreciate you reaching out to us and also your patience. If you find yourself in this position, it may be a good time to start planning and selecting products and materials. If you do require a DA for your project, we do have design experts at the ready to help with you’re the preparation of your plans, product and material selections and any other components required to get your project ready to build. If you are in the very beginning stage, do reach out to us as we can help you get started. Preparing and planning now ensures that you are ready to go when the time comes that our construction team become available in the future. 

As well as our new home builds and our home renovation projects, we have also partnered up with some builders on a few large projects to start the year. Currently, some of our team are working up at Mayfield on a large Town House project. At Auscape Exterior Transformations, we love being able to participate in many aspects of design, construction and landscaping providing our teams with experiences that help broaden their skills and expertise. We are always on the lookout for trade specialists and enthusiastic individuals who are wanting to team up and work with us. If this sounds like you, get in touch with us. 

Looking forward to sharing our experiences with you all in 2022, like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to check out what we are up to through the year.